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prognOZEr service shows aggregated forecasts of energy production from renewable sources such as sun and wind for more than 2700 farms (basically entire Poland). Up-to-date production forecasts can be checked for voivodeships and counties in the span of the next three days. Forecasts are updated daily through the 4RES system.


GeoGrid is a flagship Light GIS application based on GeoPlatform components. GeoGrid is designed to capture, manage, manipulate, and analyze any kind of geographical data. Its main function is providing a visual representation of dynamic and static data on a map, which allows you to monitor resources, solve problems, and improve the decision-making process.

warszawa dochod


4RES provides forecasts for renewable energy production in the short- and medium-term, using aggregated predictive models. The models are based on dedicated weather forecasts developed by ICM, the leading data science center in Warsaw, Poland.


ELGrid is a system for supporting the development and optimization of energy network operations, together with dispersed energy sources, energy warehouses, and controllable receptors.



A web application for the telco industry that allows you to estimate the costs of installing optical fibers for new customers.


Soral is a web application for monitoring the technical condition and assessing the risk of failures of MV cable lines. It’s based on diagnostic measurements and technical/exploitation information. The application helps to detect parts of cable lines that will soon require maintenance which helps to avoid failures.



LocDoc automates the categorization of scanned documents and gives every employee easy access to their content. This leads to the increased operational effectiveness of the company and the process of converting physical assets into digital objects is much faster.

GeoGrid mobile

Mobile version of the web application GeoGrid, created with the PWA technology.

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